Monday, April 17, 2006

What We Bought and Where

We had forgotten how much shopping in KL is like shopping in Singapore, except that in KL, it is mostly less crowded. The shopping centres looked the same, the shops looked the same. There were some notable exceptions.

cookies (foreground) and dates from Bateel

Bateel in KLCC prides itself as being "the world's only gourmet date shop". At M$16 (S$8) for 10 cookies and 7 dates, things weren't exactly cheap, but the stuff was undeniably scrumptious.

Then there were the made-in-Malaysia brands of shoes. Isetan was having a sale - buy one pair, get two 20% discount coupons.

Snowfly leather sandals, for M$143/S$71 (S$90 before discount)

Lewre wedges, M$87.20/S$44 (S$54 before discount)

Lewre heels, M$109/S$55

Then there were the socks. For those not in the know, Nike socks are 10% to 15% cheaper in KL than in Singapore e.g. M$15.90 (S$8) instead of S$9.50. In fact, Nike apparel in general is slightly cheaper there. When we were in KL, Hytex Studio in KL Plaza (on Jalan Bukit Bintang) was having a sale - 20% discount on Nike clothing.

spot the nike socks, duh

Last but not least, we did the "when in Malaysia must buy" thang. How lame, we know, but hey, we don't get these in Singapore.

suckers for pretty packaging

Sure, we get some of these Boh Tea specialty flavours here in Singapore now, but not in this packaging....

aye, you can tell we're Singaporean (M$1.20 or S$0.60 each)

the obligatory tambun piah, in five flavours no less (M$6 for a box of 15 bijits)

The rest of our shopping was more like what would we have bought in Singapore anyway, if we had more time to shop. Stocks were pretty similar in the usual chains, such as FOS and Zara. Prices seemed a little higher than in Singapore. We ended up buying the following simply because we were there, shopping.

from Zara, for M$160/S$80 (available in Singapore for S$75)

from FOS, for M$40 (S$20)

from FOS, for M$60 (S$30)

from FOS, M$44 (S$22)

Communique, from Isetan, M$109 each (S$54 each)

And that was the sum total for our trip.


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